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Yearly or Biennial for MOT Testing?

Incorrect tyre pressures, lack of anti-freeze, oil and or water are the most tell tale signs but there is also wear and tear of car components such as brake pads that, as a driver, you would not necessary be aware until either it’s too late or it is highlighted on you cars annual MOT test.

So how would you feel if the government get their way and increased the length of time between MOT’s from one year to two?

Disbelief springs to my mind!

OK it would save you a few bob but would you unknowingly be driving a death trap?

Road safety charity GEM Motoring Assist, can reveal that I am not alone in my fears as over half of UK drivers are also against Government plans to change the annual MOT test.

A new survey, commissioned by GEM, reveals that 52 per cent of motorists want to keep the current annual MOT system and do not agree with Government proposals to make it biennial.  Only 26 per cent said they would want it to change and 22 per cent were unsure.

The survey of 3,000 UK motorists reveals that drivers would be worried about leaving a two year gap between MOT tests; with nearly 50 per cent being concerned about potential mechanical failure.   The survey also shows that more than half of UK drivers believe that the change in the law would see car maintenance standards deteriorate and feel reassured of their car’s safety and road worthiness with the current system.

These results prove, not just little old me right, but that having such a regular service gives the public peace of mind when it comes to driving a safe and reliable vehicle.

Lets face it, drivers rarely check their cars themselves and leaving it two years will mean there will be unsafe and sub-standard cars on our roads. So the proposed biennial MOT system will undoubtedly have a negative impact on road safety and put more lives at risk unnecessarily every year.

We do not want that now do we? So if you agree join the ProMOTe campaign at to lobby the government against these plans.

It is bad enough tackling some of Britain’s dodgy drivers, but along with thier dodgy cars? That a tough call.

Jackie Violet
Motoring Correspondent



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