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Workplace stress prompts comfort eating


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Excess stress at work causes one in three people to comfort eat - a recent poll revealed that 80 per cent of adults confess to regularly indulging in comforting foods to make themselves feel better.

And 32 per cent of us frequently console ourselves with tasty treats as a pick-me-up because of work problems, boredom and turbulent relationships.

A quarter of the 3000 adults polled by pub restaurant operator Chef & Brewer said they would frequently turn to food for sympathy if they had a row with their partner.

Ironically – 19 per cent of people would perk themselves up with food if they could no longer fit in clothes or if they had put on weight.

And nearly half of Brits reckon the clocks going back will also be a factor in them eating more food as the nights draw in.

If it’s cold outside 33 per cent of Brits are more likely to treat themselves to a culinary delight and three quarters said they associate comfort eating with winter.

Paul Farr, head of food for Chef & Brewer, said: “From time to time we all indulge in food to cheer ourselves up and there is nothing wrong in doing this.

“Some types of food are unquestionably comforting and the start of winter and the clocks going back definitely signifies the start of hearty meals and traditional winter food.

“It’s not surprising that roast dinners have been named the most comforting meal.  It’s traditional, British food at its best and there is something very reassuring about having a hearty roast dinner on a cold winters day.”

A staggering 90 per cent of respondents polled were in agreement that women were much more likely to comfort eat than men.

Food psychologist Dr Christy Fergusson said: “The thought of the cold winter nights drawing in leaves us feeling more like warm hearty meals.

”For many of us the types of meals we are drawn to are often those we would have enjoyed together as a family during our childhood.

“It’s refreshing to see that with the exception of chocolate many of us associate comfort food with more traditional meals as opposed to junk food and it is no wonder roast dinners were amongst Brits top choice of comforting foods especially with Christmas just round the corner.”

Sunday roast has come out on top as the nation’s most popular comfort food, pipping chocolate to the top spot, with soup and shepherd’s pie also featuring in the top 10.

An easy to please 43 per cent said that some foods were better than sex!


1.            Traditional Roast Dinner
2.            Chocolate
3.            Shepherd’s Pie
4.            Pie and Mash
5.            Full English Breakfast
6.            Fish and Chips
7.            Lasagne
8.            Lamb Hotpot
9.            Sponge Pudding with custard
10.          Soup

Real Women Today would like to know what you would add to the list of food that makes you happy in these cold winter months or at times of stress?


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  1. Naidre says:

    Crispy bacon butties with loads of butter and tomato sauce does it for me!

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