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Women steal fashion ideas off friends

Women steal fashion ideas off friends

Experts who studied style and shopping habits amongst 2,000 women, found most have a large percentage of clothing in their wardrobes which they first saw on someone who sits close to them at work or they saw whilst out and about .

Two thirds of ladies have bought an item of clothing straight after they have seen a friend wearing it and many admitted to copying a whole look from a friend after seeing them look good in something.

Work colleagues and strangers were also more likely to influence the style and type of clothes that women wear with more admitting they decided to buy something after seeing someone else wearing something similar than because they have seen a model wearing it in a magazine.

Half admitted to constantly comparing themselves to their mates in the fashion stakes and the average women has five items in their wardrobe that they have bought after seeing a friend wear it.

Despite this, one in ten said they themselves would be annoyed with a friend if they bought something they had already bought without checking it was okay first.

The research was commissioned by New Look who quizzed 2,000 women on their fashion buying habits and who they stole their style from.

Peter Robinson, Group Head of Press from New Look said: ‘’We know women nab style ideas off celebrities all the time but it seems the nation’s females should keep an eye on what their mates are up to.

“Women are constantly bombarded with new styles, colour schemes and items of clothing which are in fashion, so it’s only normal to be influenced by your stylish friends and co-workers.

‘’Many women often struggle to see what they would look like in something worn by an A-Lister who has an unlimited budget and stylist to boot and go for something they’ve spotted their friend wearing instead – therefore seeing how clothes look on real women rather than on catwalk models.”

In the Real Women Today office, the team are ‘of an age’ where we know what suits us best and have our own very individual styles.  That doesn’t mean to say that we don’t nick ideas from each other from time to time, or each other’s clothes for that matter!


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