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Leah Burman and Christine Vaghela are proving that there is a place for women in the male dominated electrical industry having set up their own business as qualified electricians ‘Elecchicks’ which continues to grow in success.

The ambition of the pair to become electricians began in 2009 when they both enrolled on a five week course in Dartford, which enabled them to gain their Part P certifications qualifying them to undertake all types of residential electrical work.  Leah and Christine then chose to shadow an electrician which gave them a real insight into the job and taught them the tricks of the trade.

This great experience really fuelled the pair’s passion for the electrical industry and in September 2010 they made the bold decision to go it alone and to set up their own company after registering with the NICEIC. With that, Elecchicks was born and the girls have never looked back. Their business continues to flourish as Leah and Christine spend three days a week working as electricians in the North London area; they have impressed customers with their punctuality, skill and professionalism.

The girls even have their own ‘Look for the lips promise’, a signature completion stamp which they place on every project they complete to certify that it has been checked and authorised.

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