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Women are being hit hardest by job redundancies


A recent report shows the number of women out of work is now at a 25 year high, with twice as many ladies losing their job in the last three months of 2011.

There are now 1.12 million women out of work, more than half a million of which are claiming job seekers allowance.

Comparison figures based on the last quarter of 2009 show that men’s unemployment has increased by just less than 1%, yet women’s unemployment has increased by more than 18%.

It’s all very well David Cameron recently saying that there should be more women at board room level but we need to be employed first before we get to those dizzy heights!

It is expected that women will make up two thirds of the estimated 700 000 public sector workers who could lose their jobs by 2015. 70% of the cuts to benefits will affect women and it is women who are picking up the pieces as councils are cut support services such as meals on wheels and after school clubs. Something doesn’t seem fair here. Surely the government isn’t blind to these stats?

We don’t need to banter on about women’s rights and equality here as real women know their true value to family, friends, the economy and society as a whole – but we have an absolute right to say that these actions could very easily be perceived as taking women backwards somewhat.

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