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When is it time to cut your hair?

When is it time to cut your hair real women advice

It’s the New Year – a time when we take stock, make changes in our lives and our appearances.  Spring is on its way (although its still bloomin’ cold outside) and us ladies like to get prepared but when is the right time to cut your hair short?

I cut my hair short last year – I felt that at 40 something, I was too old, too lazy and too time poor to be able to cope with my tresses being long and so did the deed.  I don’t regret it and my friends say that it suits me so I am for the moment, happy with my choice.

A couple of very good friends of mine have long, golden locks – one, half way down her back.  They both spend time and money on keeping their hair in good condition, both, like me are 40 something, but when should they think that enough is enough?

Is it when you can’t keep your hands up high enough to dry your hair properly?  When you decide to grow old gracefully? Or when you just can’t be bothered anymore?

A very contentious subject as a womans’ hair is her crowning glory – what do you think? Is there a ‘cut off’ point (excuse the pun) when a woman should shorten her hairstyle?


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  1. Jo Bennett says:

    I would like to think that I will never join the blue rinse/perm brigade, which seems to afflict older ladies! I do think that it is a very interesting question, I often think that my hair is too long for my age, but it has been part of me (& I have hidden behind it for so long) I would be naked & feel very old, without it. So, for the time being at least, I will not be growing old gracefully & plan to have long hair for sometime to come… x

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