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When blokes are ‘too nice’!

Other triggers for suspicion amongst mistrusting wives and girlfriends include their men treating them to jewellery, buying sexy underwear, helping out with housework or handing over the TV remote.

The study found surprise gifts of chocolates would instantly cause concern for most women with one in six women saying that their partner has given them a gift in the past because of a guilty conscience. Only a fifth of women said they assume their other half was having a full blown affair, but most said that they would think he had something to hide or was trying to divert their attention from another misdemeanour’s.

Surprisingly, 34 per cent of women said they would be happy to turn a blind eye to a minor indiscretion if it meant that their partner was nicer to live with.

Louise Thompson Davies, from Kellogg’s who commissioned the poll of 2,000 adults, said: “It seems there is an emotional gulf between the sexes when it comes to matters of the heart.

‘’So when men think they are just being nice and showering their other half with gifts and affection they think they are being attentive but the reality is that women just don’t see it like that.

“Today’s work and life pressures have resulted in romantic gestures like making your wife or girlfriend breakfast in bed much more of a rare occasion.

‘’This is why most women tend to reach for the panic button and suspect the worse when they are made a fuss over.

‘’The smallest changes in a man’s behaviour can set a women’s mind whirring and get them worrying.

“But it’s interesting to see how many women would be willing to ignore their suspicions and just enjoy having a new more attentive partner.”

Jean Hannah Edelstein, author of relationship guide Himglish and Femalese: Why Women Don’t Get Why Men Don’t Get Them, said: ‘’Women often associate traditional ‘romantic’ gestures with the early, courtship phase of a relationship when, in effect, their partner is trying to persuade them to make a commitment.

“Women tend to think that these gestures are empty once the commitment has been made and this kind of fuss is less common so they assume the worst, which is a shame.

‘’If you are concerned about your partner’s behaviour, it’s best to express your concerns in a non-confrontational way, rather than jump to conclusions that the tray of cereal and eggs he has brought you is a sign of infidelity.”

Does your other half have tell-tale actions when he has done something wrong? Was he covering up a small misdemeanour or was he guilty of a full blown affair?  How did you know? Please share you experiences with the RWT team, after all, us girls need all the help we can get.


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