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What’s in your wardrobe?

A recent survey revealed that 8 out of 10 women in the UK are hoarding millions of pieces of clothing that they never wear, with more than 1 in 10 also admitting to holding on to clothes for sentimental reasons, as they remind them of a happy time in their life. A further 1 in 8 people have deliberately brought clothes too small in the hope of slimming to fit in to them – but never did (Give Up Clothes for Good, March 2012).
Although it can seem overwhelming, de-cluttering your closet doesn’t need to be an arduous task, and can actually be incredibly liberating. With summer slipping into winter, it’s now time to take action and make space for your cooler climate clothing. Follow our top tips, and you’ll be well on your way to wardrobe heaven!

How to do it:

‘The 6 Month Rule’

We all have our old favourites which sit in the wardrobe for years and years. We promise ourselves that one day we will definitely wear them again, but time goes by and they never get the outing they deserve. A simple trick you can use to help you achieve on-going wardrobe organisation, is to introduce the ‘6 Month Rule’, and stick to it! If you have any items that have been hanging in your closet for more than half a year, the likelihood is you’re never going to wear them, so it’s time to get rid, and create space. Consider putting them on eBay – this will help you earn a little extra cash, which can always go towards that gorgeous jacket you’ve had your eye on for months.

Set some time aside

Let’s face it; emptying your wardrobe isn’t the most exciting way to spend a weekend, or evening after work. Plan your de-cluttering session into your diary, or you’ll end up putting it off forever. Depending on how bursting your wardrobe is, 2 hours should be plenty of time to get things in order. Start by creating three piles – ‘keep’, ‘throw’ and ‘maybe’. Once you’ve sorted your ‘keep’ and ‘throw’ piles, go through the ‘maybes’ and decide whether you’re really going to wear them, or if they’ll end up collecting dust on their hanger – if that’s the case, it’s time to say goodbye.

Sweet charity

Once you’ve sorted your ‘throw’ pile, it’s time work out whether a charity shop could benefit from them. We often decide to get rid of clothes which are perfectly nice, simply because we’ve worn them a few times, and they don’t feel new anymore. But to someone else they will be new, so you could donate them to your favourite cause and help raise money for those in need along the way.

Keep them at arm’s length

You may have clothes that you’ve been hanging on to, but haven’t worn for ages. They may have been a little expensive, and you can’t bear to see them go, but at the same they’re cluttering your closet. It’s time to create some space. Giving them to your sister, a friend or your housemate will mean they’re always at arm’s length if you ever decide you have the perfect occasion to wear them, but there’s extra room in your wardrobe for something new…perfect!

Think seasonal

Summer is almost over, so it’s time to think about packing away your summer dresses and creating gaps in your wardrobe for your winter woollies. Under bed storage boxes are great for this – they’ll keep your clothes clean and
dust free, ready for when the sun decides to shine again, and if we’re lucky enough to have an Indian summer they’re easily accessible.

Story away ‘emotional items’

Many people find getting rid of clothes incredibly difficult, particularly if they have an emotional attachment. Perhaps you have a special dress you wore 10 years ago on your first date with your now husband, or maybe you’ve been keeping a pair of jeans you wore as an eighteen-year-old, hoping that one day you’ll be able to shimmy back into them.  If the emotional attachment is too strong for you to let go forever, that’s absolutely fine – you can still clear them to make room for your winter wardrobe. Consider putting that valuable item into a storage bag or box and moving it into your attic. That way, you make space for outfits you’re actually going to wear.

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