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What age is the right age to start wearing make-up?

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The debate continues…

With all the media hype about body image, do you think young girls are being encouraged to start wearing make-up at too young an age?

When I look at the school girls today I am amazed at how glamorous and grown up they all look – a complete contrast to when I was at school!

Here at Real Women Today, we believe that there is no easy answer – there are far too many factors and considerations to take into account.  But we would like to know how you arrive at a decision that pleases both parties?

Please tell us:-

  • As a parent, how do you prepare yourself for that moment when your daughter asks about wearing make-up?
  • What factors (if any) would you take into consideration?
  • Do you think allowing your daughter to start experimenting with make-up at a young age; in the house with her friends is a good idea?
  • Would you allow your daughter to start wearing make-up when her close friends started, even if she was only ten?
  • Would you monitor how much make-up she is wearing; after all no thirteen year old should look like she’s eighteen.
  • How much is too much?
  • Do you believe allowing some make-up at the age of twelve is encouraging your daughter to focus too much on her appearance?
  • Do you believe that it has to be individual choice based on the reason why your daughter wants to wear make-up and how she feels about herself?
  • Or do you believe that make-up should not be encouraged at all whilst your daughter is at school?

Whatever your thoughts or experience, please share them here with us – we are waiting to hear from you…


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  1. Karen says:

    My daughter is seven. She is allowed to play with my old make-up when her friends come over. I sit and show them how to apply it and more importantly how to remove it. I do not allow her out of the house with facial make-up on, although she is allowed nail varnish on special occasions. I hope she doesn’t want to wear make-up on a daily basis until shes about thirteen and even then I hope I can persuade her to be subtle about it.
    What her friends are and aren’t allowed to do will have a huge impact on her, so I hope their parents have the same thoughts as me! :-)

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