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Waiting for Choo




Waiting for Choo real women  book club

Waiting for Choo
by Maggie Williams

When someone you know asks you to read their book, it can go either of two ways, so I started reading this book with a mixture of excitement and trepidation – what on earth would I say if I don’t like it?! It must be hugely exciting to see your story and writing in print for the very first time, so I am in awe of Maggie on that front.

However, Waiting for Choo is a revelation, I loved it.  It is an uplifting story of love and adventure.  Maggie’s story is well written, inspiring and insightful.

To give a snap shot, “Maggie Williams knew she’d love Africa long before she arrived but never dreamed it would become her home.  But you don’t end up living in Africa on a whim and certainly not when you’re heading towards retirement – there has to be something pretty special going on and for Maggie it was falling in love with a group of eager young girls and a handsome chief in waiting.

This hadn’t been in the plan. The trip was supposed to be about escaping a boring life, forgetting about growing old for a while and tackling the serious business of `putting something back`.  It was absolutely nothing to do with relationships or her need to look young forever.  She was wrong on both counts.”

This is the story of how Maggie trades her comfortable life for the red dust of Africa, dancing to the drums in Ghana, sailing with the dolphins in South Africa and meditating with Buddhist monks in Thailand. We share her thoughts and feelings as this amazing journey unfolds and meet all those people who helped make this a truly remarkable adventure.

Maggie is truly living her dream, I can only look forward to her next chapter.

Waiting for Choo is available from Amazon & Authorhouse only and  a donation from every copy sold will be donated to Maltiti First Steps.

Since Maggie’s book has been published, her life has been turned upside down when her beloved Choo died unexpectedly.  Real Women Today feel very privileged that Maggie has allowed us to publish an extract from her new book ‘Losing Choo’

We rarely prepare ourselves for death but nothing prepares us for sudden death. How can it? The nightmare of it all continues but in my better moments I am grateful for certain things; that we spent our last few hours together, that he died next to me, that it was just the two of us alone, and that it was very peaceful. I believe that his spirit left his body when we left the house and that, after a lifetime of waiting for Choo, he is now somewhere waiting quietly for me to join him.


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