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Well quite a surprise in the Heart of England, Loughborough not known for its shopping experience, associated more with its sporting prowess and centre of excellence at the University for our future British Olympic athlete hopefuls.  Loughborough now sees the opening of a new venture!

Anyone who can consider starting a business during the present uncertain economic climate is someone to admire.  Leigh and Jo are two ladies, doing just this.  The retail industry is often buffeted and sees the brunt in uncertain economic times, so I have heard it argued that to start a business now and be successful (or at the very least survive), gives much confidence for a profitable and very long future.

Vanilla is a new shop on Churchgate in Loughborough – unfortunately, it is one that specialises in Children’s Designer Clothing (and not for myself), however my visit last weekend was much enjoyed by myself and my daughter.

The kids clothes are great (aged up to 14) – the shop is light, airy, has plenty of space for shoppers of all ages (including buggies) and the range of clothing on offer is select, affordable and is that rare product which will be worn over and over again, and become much loved and still look as good as new, and one which everyone will notice.  From day to special parties and a particularly fabulous range of winter boots – I loved it.

I was particularly impressed with a track suit, which came with two interchanging bottoms and an autumnal sweater dress, which has already seen much use.

If you do know Loughborough, then a visit to Vanilla is a must.  If you haven’t visited and find yourself close by, it is worth stopping for specially.  Vanilla is easy to find (believe me, if I can get there, anyone one can) on a pedestrian shopping high street, with nearby parking at only 50p – makes life so much easier.

A warm welcome is promised by two very enterprising ladies.

Brands on offer currently include: Elle, Mayoral, Levis, Timberland, Rufflebutts and &.  Footwear includes:  Mayoral, Love from Australia and Miss Sixty.  And coming in the Spring/Summer more brands  will be included.


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