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Two orgasms a week can boost your charisma

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Orgasms are the ultimate luxury, and completely free

Have you noticed that orgasms seem to turn men’s minds to mush, while women find sex and orgasms clarify their thoughts, energise them physically and mentally and increase their health? Have you noticed the energy rush you get after orgasm?

The physical benefits of regular orgasms are well documented in medical literature. They boost the immune system, lower stress hormones and release those happiness chemicals, endorphins. Women who have regular orgasms are less prone to heart attacks and even reduced rates of some cancers are reported.

What isn’t so well documented (and probably never will be) are the effects of regular orgasms on a woman’s confidence, inner strength creativity, and clarity of thought. If you want to unlock your creative genius or to tap into your mental powers then an orgasm could be just the job.

There is a link between sexual energy and success and power. Women who achieve more orgasms and the right kind of orgasms are naturally more charismatic and magnetically attractive. The key is, not only to achieving orgasm but in harnessing the energy of them for success.

This theory comes, not from science, but from spirituality, tantra, western mystery, the kabala and even shamanism all include (albeit secretly) teachings on raising and harnessing sexual energy.

How to harness the energy of your orgasms.

First and foremost it starts with having more orgasms, and two a week is a minimum. They cost nothing, are fun and good for you. They are one healthy habit where there really IS gain with NO pain!

Then you need to learn how to have more than mere clitoral orgasms, which are the most common sort. There are at least 3 main types of orgasms that a woman can have.

The first, the clitoral which although very pleasurable these are short lived and the sensations are concentrated to the pelvic area. A purely clitoral orgasm will actually ever so slightly deplete a woman’s energy, but this is minor when compared to the energy loss a man’s orgasm cause.

The second kind of orgasm is the vaginal, g-spot, or “sacred spot” orgasm. This orgasm starts much deeper inside the vagina and sacral area and moves further up the body to the middle torso as well as down the body to involve the thighs as well.

The third and most intense and pleasurable kind is the full body orgasm.

To achieve this you need to learn to move the orgasmic energy and sensations up the body by using a technique known as “transmuting”. When you transmute at the point of orgasm you will trigger a full body orgasm which is not only intensely pleasurable, lasts significantly longer (up to 23 minutes has been reported). It can even be a spiritual encounter as you experience a feeling of one-ness with the universe.

Transmutation is takes a bit of practice. It’s like rubbing your tummy and patting your head all at the same time. Here are the main steps;-

1.  Master the ability to suspend judgement. This enables you to surrender to the intense pleasure without fear. The sensation can be so intense that it can be a little unsettling the first time, and feeling unsettled will stop your orgasm in its tracks.

2.  Clear any past emotional debris to open the energy channels. Anger, resentment, guilt, fear, shame, hurt and other emotional pain will block your pleasure. Learning to release this past baggage will open up the path way for the full body orgasm.

3.  Increase your sensitivity to subtle sensations. You will begin to feel the orgasmic and sexual feelings as energy. Pay particular attention to the response of your body. One way of doing this is to learn to pinpoint the point of no-return. This is the point where your arousal has reached a peak and you are on the edge of tipping over into your orgasm. It may take you several “goes” and a bit of practice to be able to pin point this accurately, but luckily it’s the kind a practice that most people are happy to make time for.

4.  Tone the sex muscles which increases the intensity of your orgasm. These are your anal and urethral sphincter. Practice contracting and relaxing these sphincters for 2 – 3 minutes each. Add the breath by contracting on a deep inhalation, and relaxing with a slow exhalation. These muscles also act as energy locks that hold sexual orgasmic energy in the body, rather than releasing it out which is what normally happens.

5.  Taking personal responsibility is another essential. This increases your ability to take control of your energy, your emotions, your behaviour, your life and that will increase your ability to transmute sexual energy which in turn will increase your ability to take more control, and so the cycle continues.

6.  The final key step is to learn a transmutation process. These are still only taught as part of a secret initiation rite. These advanced transmutations process will move almost all the sexual energy up the body, here is a simplified one which can transmute as much as 10 – 20 % of the orgasmic and sexual energy.

  1. Self pleasure to the point of no return.
  2. Stop stimulating and contract both the anal and urethral sphincter.
  3. Place the tip of your tongue to highest point of the roof of your mouth.
  4. Breathe in and as you do so pull the sexual charge UP the back of your body until it is right in your head.
  5. Release the tongue and the sphincters and breathe out slowly moving the energy down the body to the heart and then solar plexus.
  6. Imagine it spinning here in the solar plexus for a few moments.
  7. Repeat 3 breaths before resuming stimulation.

This will both delay your orgasm and increase the charge you can hold. Aim to repeat this 7 times before you surrender to orgasm. Then transmute as your orgasm moves up the body, and you may just have a full body orgasm.

Men can learn this practice too which can solve premature ejaculation problems too.

By Dr Lisa Turner
For free instant access to a full audio explanation of this process and to discover a secret transmutation process  go to




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