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Treat yourself with Nevella – the sweetner with the difference


Until now, probiotics have only been included in chilled foods, for example yoghurts and yoghurt drinks. But thanks to new technology which makes the probiotic culture heat-stable, you can add probiotics to your daily tea and coffee, without killing the good bacteria.

If you’re trying to cut down on sugar to lose weight or for general health reasons, for example for people with diabetes, Nevella® is the perfect solution.  One tablet is the equivalent to one teaspoon of sugar – so if you use Nevella® instead of sugar just twice a day for a week you’ll cut out 70g of sugar, or 280 kCalories.

If you’re watching the pennies as well as the pounds, getting your daily dose of probiotics can prove expensive.  If you choose probiotic yoghurts these will cost around 30-40p a day, whereas using Nevella® gives you a dose of probiotics for less than 1p a day without any of the additional calories!

Nevella® contains sucralose, which is made from sugar, tastes like sugar but it’s not sugar.  It tastes great added to tea and coffee and can also be used to sweeten cold drinks such as iced tea.

Recommended retail price is £2.69 for a 300 tablet dispenser.
Nevella® is available at Sainsbury’s & Waitrose.

Benefits of Nevella
1) Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that promote digestive health, which in turn supports a healthy immune system. The following are some ways your body benefits from probiotics:

♦ Inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that cause digestive stress
♦ Improve digestion of food and absorption of vitamins
♦ Stimulate the body’s natural defence mechanism – the immune system

2)  They can help people recovering from stomach flu, those who have just taken a course of antibiotics and are thought to help with symptoms of IBS
3) Probiotics enhance the immune system by favourably altering the gut micro-ecology and preventing unfriendly organisms from gaining a foothold in the body. They prevent the overgrowth of yeast and fungus and produce substances that can lower cholesterol.
4) Nevella is a product of the USA and is manufactured by Heartland Sweeteners, a global leader in providing healthy alternatives to sugar.

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