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By Irvine Welsh

Another book which is far superior than the resulting film – what I do love about books is the ability to transport the reader to very different environments and times.  Despite its modern setting and often shocking story, this book is gripping.

I am not sure that I would agree with other critics in their praise… ‘The best book ever written by man or woman… deserves to sell more copies than the Bible’, not because of my religious leanings or the lack of them – but just because a good book is something to be lost within its pages and within the story, something to savour and enjoy.  And in my limited opinion, something that is not available within the Bible.

For those of us who remember the 1980’s and hopefully whilst remembering vastly different experiences, it does portray the very harsh realities of drug addiction.  Irvine Welsh is set to publish Skagboys next year – something to watch out for…!


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