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Time to feel good about yourself

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Immaculate make-up and glossy nails can help to boost a lack of confidence, but glamour is also much more than just surface charm and less obvious than raw sex appeal.  It’s the aura of self-belief and a ‘devil may care’ attitude that can make even the plainest woman magnetic. Some women have bags of it, but if you weren’t lucky enough to be born with it, inner glamour is something everyone can acquire just by reading a few of the Real Women Today self awareness tips.

You don’t think you’re anything special

If you don’t feel great about yourself then it’s hard to be attractive. Self-confidence is incredibly appealing – to ooze glamour you have to be happy with who you are and really appreciate your best qualities so write yourself a praise list. Write down ten of your best qualities, and then make a note of compliments you’ve received. Re read your list whenever you need a boost and it will give you an inner glow that shows outwardly too. Another trick is to find photos of yourself where you like what you see. This is how people see you, so get them out whenever you need a confidence boost.

You feel invisible sometimes

Glamorous people always flirt and it doesn’t have to be about sex or even with the opposite sex. Good flirts smile a lot. They keep everything upbeat which draws people to them. They ask questions and remember details, and they know how to make people feel appreciated, understood and special. Flirts also use physical contact, lightly touching a shoulder or an arm to show they feel warmly towards you and are comfortable around you. Ironically, it’s often when you make others the centre of attention or put their wants and needs first that you then shine. We all know people who are brilliant conversationalists and who make social events go with a swing. The skill is to stay quiet, be a brilliant listener and bring others out of their shells.  We always remember people who make us feel good about ourselves. So, instead of focusing on your needs, think about what others want and you’ll have people fluttering around you like bees to a honey pot!

Nothing exciting ever happens to you

We often feel that others are leading better, more interesting lives than ourselves.  We think they have more friends, high-octane careers or a more exciting love life, but actually, it’s rarely true. The key is to create your own luck and opportunities making sure that you glass is always half full.  When you start expecting good things to happen to you and are more open to recognising opportunities then they will come up. Seize the moment and be open to everything. The man who smiles at you on the tube every morning might be the love of your life, but you’ll never know if you look down and don’t return his smile. If you’re not looking for love, he might be a company director, waiting to offer you the job of your dreams. Either way, the worst that can happen is you might have a fun conversation – try smiling back and see what happens.

You’ve got nothing to say

Stop worrying about being bad at small talk and do “big talk” instead. Glamour is all about being slightly mysterious and surprising people. Stop coming out with lines that people expect you to say and dare to be different. Start a conversation with something funny that happened to you recently, or comment on something that interested you in the news. The conversation will flow from whatever starting point you give it.

You don’t know if people like you

Be confident by charming people and focus on the people you already like, who you know like you.  The rest will soon follow.  More importantly – as long as you like yourself, that’s all that counts.


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