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Time to de-clutter?

time to declutter

Living in a de-cluttered, well organised space can help to bring peace and harmony to your home and can instantly improve your lifestyle…

What is clutter?
Clutter can consist of many different things. It can be:-

~ things that you haven’t used for years, but keep hold of ‘just in case’.
~ piles of old junk mail or newspapers and magazines that you ‘may’ get round to reading.
~ impulse purchases that you no longer like but don’t want to get rid of because of what they cost.
~ an expensive item of clothing that you have only worn once, or not at all!
~ old make-up and dried up pots of nail varnish.
~ hordes of empty jam jars that ‘might’ come in useful one day.
~ broken objects that you ’will’ get round to fixing soon.
~ unwanted presents.

This list goes on, but basically clutter is really anything that you do not use, need, wear, refer to or like.

Effect of clutter
We often find ourselves overwhelmed by the amount of excess baggage we have managed to accumulate over time, and in some cases this can affect how we feel about our home. Living in an unorganised mess can have a diverse effect on how we operate throughout the day – not being able to find a clean work shirt or the car keys when you are already running late can often lead to feelings of stress and not being in control.

If you have allowed clutter to build, your home will no longer be the place where you can recharge your battery and relax; it will start to feel oppressive and depressing and before long you avoid being there and having people round.

Dealing with clutter
Tackling clutter can seem an impossible task if you don’t know where or how to start. The first step is to assess the amount of clutter you have.  If you are a compulsive hoarder then you may find it easier to call in the professionals.   If you just allow clutter to take over specific rooms or areas of your home, then it really is a matter of being more organized and stricter on yourself and your family.

Before starting your task, have allocated areas for the items you are throwing/recycling.  It will be easier if you can place the items straight into cardboard boxes or black bags labeled charity shops, car boot, eBay etc. as this avoids any opportunity for second thoughts.

Start in one room.  Allow yourself at least a day.  Decide where you are going to start and work methodically.  Be sensible and understand that it will take time.  With every item that you pick up ask yourself the following questions – Do I need this? Do I use this? Do I like this?

As you decide what you want to keep and remove you may go through different emotions of relief and guilt– this is normal so don’t let it deter you.

Do’s and don’ts
Any sentimental items that you want to keep, package safely and securely before placing in the loft.  Don’t keep hold of any items that you ‘were’ going to get round to fixing. If you haven’t done it already then it’s unlikely that you will.  Don’t feel guilty if you are getting rid of unwanted presents – just let it go! Also invest in a small shredder to help whip through old bills and junk mail.

Once you have decided on the things you no longer need, make sure you get them out of the house as soon as possible. Take unwanted items to a local charity shop, or see if any family member or friend wants to take them off your hands.  If you want to make some money, go along to a local car boot sale or advertise bigger items in your local paper or community magazine.

The new amount of storage space will be great so stay in control by making sure there is a place for everything and everything in its place.  If you don’t, you will soon find yourself back in the same situation. Dealing with things as they appear will help to keep your space organized so make sure all family members are behind your efforts.

Once you have de-cluttered you will be amazed at the sense of relief it brings.  You will feel that you are finally in control of your home again, not the other way around and as a result a more relaxed and welcoming home will appear.

And the best thing of all?  You will now have a house that almost seems to tidy itself!


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