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The path to healthy skin begins with the path to a healthy you

Beauty products designed to make the skin appear healthy constitute a multi-billion dollar market. Some skin aging is a natural part of life and cannot be avoided, but most problems, from discoloration to thickening and dryness, can be minimized with a little knowledge. In the end, the appearance of skin is a product of healthy living. A focus on the following lifestyle choices will prevent many worries about appearance.

Staying Hydrated

Public health researchers regularly find a number of common, nutrient deficiencies through population surveys. One of these is water. Nothing is more essential for good health and firm skin than a daily supply of clean water. You may drink eight glasses a day, per official recommendations, and still be dehydrated. Avoid caffeinated beverages, smoking, and excess sugars to prevent dehydrating yourself.

Sunny Exercise

Much skin damage has been wrongly attributed to sunlight, and people spend a lot of money and time covering themselves with chemical-laden products as a result. The sun is actually good for you and your skin in much the same way exercise is good. You wouldn’t start of an exercise program by running a marathon, and you shouldn’t start sun-training your skin by laying out for a three hour stretch. Instead of starting with 20-minute jogs on a treadmill at the gym, take the workout outdoors for the ultimate in health multi-tasking.

Eating Healthy

Everyone has a favourite supplement to protect the skin from aging, but the truth is no substitute exists for a healthy diet. Daily nutrition should be based around a variety of whole grains. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and legumes of many colours should be included. Butter and light oils will ensure proper absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Meats should be kept at a minimum and focused on lean varieties. Oily fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds will provide anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats. Finally, any healthy diet needs to include a wide array of fresh and dried herbs and spices for their unique antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Topical Treatments

Everyone likes to be pampered sometimes, and some modern rituals, such as shaving and frequent use of antibacterial products, can damage the skin’s protective oils. Environmental pollutants, like smog and chlorine in tap water, can likewise damage the friendly bacteria living on healthy skin.

Certain plant oils, including borage, evening primrose, and flax seed, provide an effective method of preventing and repairing damage. These contain high amounts of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats. Olive oil can be combined with essential oil of lavender or rosemary to achieve a sublime bath oil. Bath salts are another great way to pamper yourself and get a dose of essential minerals.

Things to Avoid

The list of things to avoid to maintain healthy skin could go on and on, and this will only cover the basics. Begin reading the ingredients list of popular skin creams, make-up, and other beauty products. If they contain petroleum-based ingredients, they are not good for your skin. The same goes for titanium and aluminium compounds.

These products may provide short-term benefits, but they are disastrous over the long term and completely unnecessary for healthy skin. If sun block still seems like a good idea, a little research into the dangers of this common product and its ineffectiveness will remove the notion. The best path to healthy skin for life is by actually being healthy, and the above tips provide a well-rounded start.

Kevin Wiseman

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