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The only way is ethics . . . scruples can make a man sexier

Over half of the nation’s women (60%) responding to a YouGov survey published recently – by the RSPCA’s Freedom Food labelling scheme – say that a partner’s ethics are more important than their looks.

And with many of us celebrating Valentine’s Day with a romantic meal in or out, the survey also reveals that 21% of women think partners who choose higher welfare food – such as Freedom Food or free-range when shopping or in a restaurant – have more sex appeal.

The survey also reveals that not caring about farm animal welfare can be a definite turn off:

  • 35% of the women surveyed stated that they would be turned off by a partner who didn’t consider the welfare of animals farmed for food important
  • —  The same number said ordering foie gras or white veal in a restaurant is a definite “turn off”
  • —  When shopping, 26% (men and women) would be put off if their other half chose the cheapest indoor reared chicken, regardless of the welfare standards
  • —  20% felt the same way about a partner who bought eggs from hens kept in cages

The research findings were further backed up by another survey run with 30,000+ respondents through TV presenter Sarah Beeny’s popular online dating site –

Respondents were asked: “Do you think that someone who cares about ethical issues such as farm animal welfare, fair trade or the environment would be more sexy?” A whopping two thirds (66 per cent) said “yes” and even more women (69%) agreed.

Sarah Beeny said: “Forget a sexy smile, glossy hair and dazzling eyes – a huge number of visitors to our site think that ethics are the new sex appeal!  And I couldn’t agree more.

Someone who cares about farm animal welfare, fair trade and where their food comes from, as well as the environment, would certainly score more highly in my book – if I was single of course!”

Carole Stewart, spokesperson for RSPCA Freedom Food, said: “There’s an easy way for guys to impress girls this Valentine’s – just treat her to a meal at a Freedom Food Simply Ask restaurant listed on These restaurants only use free-range and barn eggs and don’t serve foie gras and white veal.

“Or if you’re having a romantic meal in, don’t forget to only choose eggs, meat, poultry and salmon with the Freedom Food logo.”


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