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The most common reasons for infidelity in marriage

The most common reason for infidelity in marriage

When two people in love exchange vows and enter into marriage they never expect one or both parties will fall into an affair. There are several reasons why infidelity in marriage happens, and both parties can be left heart-broken. You can safeguard your marriage to prevent affairs from happening. This means you must first understand one of the most common reasons people seek out and have affairs in the first place.

When you fall in love with someone you can’t wait to see them. You feel the love and excitement every time you see them, and you cannot wait to spend every free moment with them. What happens when this feeling goes away? Do you still love them, and do they still love you? The answer most often is yes, but you have just grown comfortable and the excitement has just worn off.  Some people are addicted to the high that is involved with new relationships. They get bored easily with what is comfortable, and seek out that excitement by cheating. There are ways to avoid falling into a comfortable lull with your partner.

When you start to feel the excitement leaving with your partner you can spice things up in the bedroom. Most often this will help the bond and keep the relationship exciting over time. Often times married couples will neglect their relationship while they are caught up dealing with their jobs, children, and hobbies. Taking weekend vacations every so often will also help this. Escaping with just the two of you and going on dates will help you remember why you married each other. Normal day to day life and changes can also cause strain on a relationship.

When working on your marriage you must remember that every change in your life means you have to work harder. Children bring more strain on a relationship. Jobs can also hurt relationships if they require couples to spend a lot of time apart.

Most couples do not notice a big change, or even acknowledge the feeling has changed. For some it can lead to infidelity in marriage and be the end of a relationship. This doesn’t always mean the marriage will end. Some couples will simply ignore what has happened or even split up for a time. You even have people who revenge cheat as a way to get back at their spouse. There are many ways to cope with a partner who has strayed in a healthy manner.  There are support groups and even marriage therapists.

You can simply log on the internet and type in the words “infidelity in marriage support.” This will bring up many support groups and web forums. These are designed to help you connect with people who have also been down this path. You can connect with them and share healing tips and stories if you wish. Also a big help with most couples is seeking the help of a licensed therapist. They will sit you both down and talk to you about the affair and how you both feel. This can help get out any pent up emotions, and give tips to heal both of you effectively. A marriage takes a lot of work from both parties, but it is best if you both work as hard as you can to keep it as strong as possible.

by Russell Strider

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