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The Heretic’s Treasure

Heretics treasure

By Scott Mariani

Not my normal choice for a good read – but then I do like to try something I wouldn’t have perhaps chosen myself.  This book was a present, for my birthday & initially caught my eye, as I am an avid fan of Ludlum’s Bourne series (and even more so the films where Matt Damon is superb) and almost (but not quite) in the, ‘to be watched again and again’ category, where I place Bond movies.

I did find myself engaged with this story and wanting to know how the story evolved – I struggled to resist the temptation to read the last few pages and to my surprise find myself gripped as the story unfolded.

As a chick lit reader, the description:  An exhilarating treasure-hunt thriller that will engross fans of Ludlum’s Bourne series, Dan Brown and Wilbur Smith – I found the appeal is wider.

So if in your search for something a little different this month – one to try.


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