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The Good Shopping Guide

The Good Shopping Guide provides comparative ethical shopping rankings for over 700 companies and brands, scoring each out of 100. It reports on and ranks the ethical scores of the companies behind hundreds of the world’s biggest brands – with regard to the Environment, Animal Welfare and Human Rights records.

Over 60 different product sectors are covered, everything from Banks to Butter and Washing Machines to Jeans. Each product section gives useful information about the ethical issues to take in to consideration when purchasing that product, and an at-a-glance summary of the overall ethicality scores of different companies and brands. A more in-depth table shows exactly what each company has been involved in, or not – from animal testing through to political donations.

The book is supported by ethical consumers and NGO’s like Christian Aid, Friends of the Earth and the World Development Movement but it’s far from heavy or geeky. In fact, it is very easy to read and will help you make informed decisions on who you want to spend your hard earned money with based on their attitude to our planet.

Good value for money at £14.95.  An ideal present or as a reference book for yourself.

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