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The essential attractive qualities in a man

Essential Attractive Qualities in a Man

For two weeks, I had the opportunity to room with one of the biggest players I have ever known. It was insane witnessing girls text him, Facebook him, and even TAKE him out on days and watching (and hearing) my friend hook up with four different girls in four consecutive days completely shattered my reality. When I asked him what he did, he shared that it wasn’t the things he said or acted that attracted the girls. It was his IDENTITY… and the 5 qualities he encompassed.

He proved that it has nothing to do with what to say, too. I remember at one point during our vacation together, my friend, his girl, and I were in the car for forty minutes. The entire time, he did not even say a WORD to her. Instead, me and the friend were joking around and chilling out… still, they still ended up hooking up later that night. That moment really showed me that it really was about having the 5 qualities that draws women to you. And soon after our vacation together, I met my girlfriend who I am currently in a relationship with today.

So what are these 5 traits?

1. Leadership
2. Unshakability
3. Comfortable under your own skin
4. Fun
5. Consistency

1. Leadership
This is THE MOST important quality because women ALWAYS gravitate towards the leader or someone who influences other people. There are two ways to portray leadership. The first is by holding a position that other people look up to. Whether it’s the captain of the soccer team, a club, or even in a group of friends; the leader is the one who has priority. They always stand out and are the names we see so often in any industry such as Derrick Rose (basketball), Steve Jobs (Apple), and Usher (music). The second is making decisions and suggesting ideas first when hanging out with others. I have seen so many relationships where the guy becomes so complacent in their relationships that they and ends up saying, “I don’t care” or “Whatever you want, honey,” or worse… “Whatever you choose is fine by me.” This is how relationships quickly lose its spark and fizzle out. As these guys took action in the beginning of the relationship, they became complacent. Every woman is looking for a man to take action whether it is in a couple days or even a couple years.

2. Unshakability
Being unshakable means not letting people and other situations get a reaction from you. I remember this one time when I had a crush on this girl. The girl I liked and I used to text and call each other all the time, but when texts stopped coming or she didn’t answer my calls, I would instantly think about other guys taking her from me or how she was losing attraction for me. At the end of the day, I kept texting and calling even more. Even if the attraction was there in the beginning, my shakability killed any attraction that was left.

3. Comfortable Under your own Skin
This trait really means being okay with all parts of your identity and not restraining yourself. I’ve been witness of people who are too scared to make fools of themselves that they end up in the corner of a party, not talking to anyone. I’ve also seen others who are so scared to make things sexual with a girl, they continue with their fluff talk. How can you expect a girl to be fun around you when you aren’t fun How can you expect a girl to be sexual with you if you can’t? Being comfortable with all of your different dimensions allows other people to be able to relate to you.

4. Fun
Girls are always looking for someone to have a good time with and lighten their moods. Being fun means having fun yourself and enjoying your time whether it’s with a specific girl or just friends in general. It’s a trait that naturally brings other people in just by the high energy, and living in the moment.

5. Consistency
Being consistent ultimately shows your reliability as a man. It means backing up what you say with action and or doing things in a consistent basis. The lifestyle you live (which encompass the last 4 qualities) are things she can expect to be a part of when being with you (with nothing fizzling out).

If you can truly encompass these 5 qualities, women will prospect you by default. However, it is really putting yourself in these positions that take work (as I have experienced myself). If you would like more golden nuggets and learn how to make cool friends and be sexual the 24/7 attractive man way, check out my site!

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  1. hemp says:

    They see the other girl laughing and having a good time with you and wonder what theyre missing..Think about that for a moment in context with what weve been talking about on this blog. When you walk into a room filled with attractive women you approach them and start busting playfully right?

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