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The Distant Hours


The Distant Hours
by Kate Morton

Oh, I do love a book that is a meaty read – not one that can be read in a couple of hours, but one where you can engross yourself in the story and be there for ages…!  The Distant Hours is one of those books.

I really enjoyed Edie and the development of her relationship with her Mother and how the experiences from the past come back to visit them all.  I am not sure I am in agreement with the ending, but I was filled with that awful hollow feeling of lives which are missed, just through a chance meeting elsewhere, a late appointment – fate taking another turn.

The story seems quaint in its telling to begin and quite chilling in it’s finish – I was at Milderhurst Castle and could quite see it, in my minds eye.

If you enjoy a book to delve into & can find some peaceful undisturbed reading time – then do – as described ‘A nuanced exploration of family secrets and betrayal, Morton’s latest is captivating’ – I would not disagree.


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