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That green eyed monster…

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Have you been or are you jealous of a work colleague, relative or friend for something that they have achieved or something they have? 

It is said that bigger salaries, more active and exciting social lives and even another person’s looks or dress sense regularly spark the ‘green eyed monster’ within us. Thin people, owners of big houses and people who are particularly skilled at their jobs can also ignite resentfulness from others.

It is only natural for us to compare ourselves to the people around us and we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t look to see what other people are wearing, what kind of lifestyle they have and what they have achieved.

Sometimes drawing comparisons against others can be a good thing – if seeing someone else do well in their profession spurs us on to work harder, then that’s great isn’t it?

But if comparisons about wealth, materials possessions and relationships become an unhealthy obsession, it can be damaging for everyone involved and jealousy is a very negative emotion.

Constant comparisons to others with regard to looks, figure and fashion sense can lead to inferiority complexes and self worth issues.  And if the people that you are jealous of are close friends, it can lead to a strain in your relationship that can just not be fixed.

Best advice that I was given – admire the people that have the things that you think that you want for having them, take a long hard look at your own life, assess what you are most unhappy with, and do something about it.

Focus on that which is absolutely fantastic about yourself and be proud of them because someone out there is also quietly jealous of you too.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given about handling  jealousy in your relationships? The team at Real Women Today would like to know.


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