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Ten office snacks that won’t break the diet

Then we get to the office and fall into the mid morning biscuits and afternoon cakes trap.

A recent survey by Voucher Codes found that women were consuming up to 650 calories every day in unhealthy office snacks. Scarily, the main reasons cited for the naughty nibbling were boredom and being social – not actual hunger.

We’ve put together a list of healthy office snacks that will quash the craving without ruining your healthy eating plan.


Long gone are the days where the only options where sweet or salt. Popcorn is now available from a variety of high street retailers in flavours such as goat’s cheese and black pepper, and fruit chutney. A serving of this light floaty snack will satisfy hunger pangs for fewer than 150 calories.

Fresh Fruit

Organise a regular fruit delivery to your building so that there is always fresh fruit in the office. Hopefully this will help you to swerve the biscuit cupboard.


Nuts are high in protein, fibre and omega 3 so are perfect for nibbling on at your desk.

Japanese Crackers

Japanese crackers are seriously crunchy rice based crackers often seasoned with seaweed, soy sauce or honey.  They’re available from most supermarkets and health shops.

Dried Fruit

If you have a real sweet tooth, try some dried fruit. The sweet gummy texture of dried raisins, cranberries and mango is the next best thing to big bag of dolly mix.

Chopped Veg

Chopped carrot, pepper and even a bit of broccoli make great snacking material – especially for anyone who really wants to watch their calorie intake

Bombay Mix

Now this isn’t the healthiest option, with a small handful containing around 140 calories. However, the flavours pack an intense crunchy punch that will leave crisp addicts feeling satisfied.

Mini Cheese

With as little at 50 calories in some light mini cheese varieties – these are the perfect thing for dairy loving weight watcher.

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are another old time snacking favourite. With an abundance of flavours from sweet chilli to caramel, there should be something out there for every set of taste buds.

Celery with Peanut Butter

This is a take on the classic veg and dip combo. Keep a jar of peanut putter in your office for when you need a salty fix

You can order fruit and a range of health snacks for your office at


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  1. anthony fleming says:

    another great snack is a mixture of seeds: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. they can take the edge off being hungry and are healthy too. :-)

    anthony fleming

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