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Dads still reluctant to take up flexible working!


Only 20% of working mums’ partners work flexibly despite the fact that legislation on flexible working applies equally to them.

Dirty Work


Brits’ efforts to be ‘green’ go out of the window the moment they leave home and set off for work.

Barren Britain


An international study has found that women in Britain are among the most likely in the world to end up without children. Are you one of those women?

How to make money from home


Read these five important steps you must get right to have success fast…

When do you actually switch off from work?


It is said that the average person working in Britain finally switches off from work at 7.59pm. Is that true in your household?

Is your WiFi making you ill?


In the world we live in, there is no escaping technology. We use it at work, at home and on our days off. Could this be affecting our health? Real Women Today friend, Michael Cohen explains more…

Victimisation or harassment in the workplace?


Did you know that it’s reported that almost one in ten women have been sexually harassed in the workplace and even more felt victimised by male bosses?

Does your partner help with Christmas?


Christmas is a time for sharing…. Or so we are led to believe. Why then do the majority of women still appear to be the main organisers when it comes to the festive season?…

3 Steps To Getting It All Done By Working With Your Brain Not Against It


We all know that women can multi-task.
But do we put pressure on ourselves when we try to take on too much?
Dr Lisa Turner provides Real Women Today readers with some advice…

Patience is a virtue!


“Patience is a virtue,
Possess it if you can,
‘Tis often found in woman,
But seldom in a man.”
- Anon