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Dads still reluctant to take up flexible working!


Only 20% of working mums’ partners work flexibly despite the fact that legislation on flexible working applies equally to them.

Dirty Work


Brits’ efforts to be ‘green’ go out of the window the moment they leave home and set off for work.

Being bullied at work?


You shouldn’t have to put up with bullying at work but what is bullying and how do you know if you are being bullied?

Women are being hit hardest by job redundancies


  A recent report shows the number of women out of work is now at a 25 year high, with twice as many ladies losing their job in the last three months of 2011. There are now 1.12 million women out of work, more than half a million of which are claiming job seekers allowance. [...]

Should we really make tributes to drug addicts and alcoholics?


No one is saying that the loss of a young, talented life isn’t a crying shame – but where is the message to others that what Amy Winehouse did to herself is wrong?

Redundancy and the real woman


Loss of confidence, loss of self belief, a sense of panic and complete loneliness – are just some of the emotions experienced when faced with redundancy. How would you cope…

What every girl should know about credit


Been splashing the cash or saving every penny? Ironically, both could have a negative effect on your credit rating, which in turn will affect how easy it is for you apply for credit. Understand how it works by reading our credit advice…

Money Worries?


In this day and age, we all have them and they manifest themselves in a number of different ways. Real Women Today take a look at plans you could make incase the worst case scenario happens to you and your family.

Book of the week…


In my mission to find a ‘Book of the Week’ that provides something that little bit different – here is something that will certainly keep you entertained…

Hairy What?


For all those younger ladies out there take this advice from a real woman –
Prepare for your older years wisely…
If you don’t – you could be in for a big surprise…