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Dog foster carers still needed to help families flee Domestic Violence


Domestic violence (DV) affects one in four women at some time in their life and research shows there are definite links between the abuse of adults, children and animals.

Often a pet is the only source of affection for a victim of DV, yet refuges and temporary accommodation facilities frequently cannot allow pets.

Read on to see how you could help…

Put off that man…….


If you are with a man and want to get rid of him and let him think he did it himself, or you are with a man and he is getting a bit too serious, then read on for some fabulous relationship advice from Debbie Connolly.

Thought for the day….


Girl Power Ladies!


‘One woman can change anything, many women can change EVERYTHING’

- so where shall we start?

Thought for the day…


Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning

- the Devil says ‘oh shit, she’s up’

Handbags and Shoes


  Two must have’s that a lady can’t do without! What’s the most expensive handbag or pair of shoes you’ve bought?  Why did you do it? And how did it make you feel? Leave your stories and comments below and we can share them with the girls.

Mates Forever


  What do your best friends mean to you? Leave us your stories and comments and we’ll make you all famous.