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Yearly or Biennial for MOT Testing?


In these winter months, the chances of breaking down increase considerably. It is not just the weather but basic maintenance of cars in general that all contribute to the fourth emergency being called out to rescue us damsels in distress.

Shame I can’t afford to run my new motor!


With rising fuel costs and insurance premiums, how long will it be before you can’t afford to run your car?

Headless Drivers


There is something out there plaguing our roads that is so sinister it could have come straight from a Stephen King novel or an Alfred Hitchcock movie…

Give yourself an MOT!


No, that does not mean a luxurious couple of days in a top Spa being pampered!
What I mean is not only to check and MOT your car but also to MOT yourself as well to make sure you are personally fit and legal to take to the road!

Do not let fog cloud your vision


For the past couple of years, the country has been subjected to a downpour of snow in February. As I write this, touching lots of wood, I hope we don’t have snow…

Are you prepared for winter?


With snow eminently predicted along with threats of the coldest snowiest winter ever, now is the time to make sure you’re prepared…

Is the age of chivalry dead?


Fear of crime is spelling the end to roadside chivalry as a survey reveals only a small proportion of men say they would stop to help stranded female. Boys, boys this is not good news.

Fancy being a star in a reasonably priced car (film)?


Love cars ladies? Then you’ll love this…

Ban tailgater’s for life!


How would you tackle tailgating? Read our advice for some useful tips…

Sleeping with the car keys???


How far would you go to keep your car safe?