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Tackling Domestic Violence


Dealing with domestic violence can be vexing despite more understanding of this problem. It remains challenging to tackle it all the more as our knowledge is still growing in this area.

My husband is not sexual


Are you in a relationship with a man who is not sexual? You are not alone!

It’s still cool to be a Cougar


Two thirds of women would happily date someone ten years younger than them – so the Cougar is here to stay!

When you are your own worst enemy in relationships


Before you lay the blame at others feet, you might need to take a look in the mirror…

Do wealthy men have more affairs?


Are men who are more successful in their careers more likely to cheat on their spouse?

What to expect when you are four weeks pregnant


At the beginning, when you are just 4 weeks pregnant, it becomes imperative for a woman to start taking essential nutrients, folic acid, calcium and proteins. This is particularly important for the development of the baby as well as the well-being of the pregnant woman.

Are single ladies worth waiting for?


Did you know that single ladies take longer getting ready than married ones do?

How to talk dirty to men


Do you feel relaxed talking dirty to men? Has your boyfriend asked you to talk dirty to him?

How to woo a man – six powerful tips


Learn how to woo a man and enter their secretive mind. Learn things that men desperately want you to know but can never tell you.

Domestic violence victims could lose eligibility to legal aid


New research conducted by Rights of Women and Welsh Women’s Aid has shown that at least 46% of domestic violence victims will not be eligible for legal aid because of the dangerously restrictive forms of evidence that they will be required to produce.