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Tackling Domestic Violence


Dealing with domestic violence can be vexing despite more understanding of this problem. It remains challenging to tackle it all the more as our knowledge is still growing in this area.

What is your car called?


Hot off the press is the fact that over a quarter of UK motorists has a pet name for their beloved cars. So, what’s yours called?

Relaxing retreats for UK short stays


From lakes and mountains to sweeping valleys and ancient forests, the UK has many forgotten pockets of beautiful countryside where you can lose yourself in a range of invigorating activities, glorious food and heritage…

My husband is not sexual


Are you in a relationship with a man who is not sexual? You are not alone!

Save money on food bills


With the average family throwing away approximately £50 worth of food per month, it is vital that we all get to grips with our food bills. Here’s how…

Mirror, mascara, manoeuvre…


Oh No! More than three and half million female drivers could be putting themselves and other road users at risk by using their morning drive to apply make-up and do other routine tasks, a new poll has revealed.

When you are your own worst enemy in relationships


Before you lay the blame at others feet, you might need to take a look in the mirror…

What’s in your wardrobe?


How to de-clutter your wardrobe and make it winter ready

Energy Saving Resolutions: the tips that will save you hundreds in 2012


And it’s all much easier than you think…

Frugal meets fresh and fashion forward


A walk down the trendy fashion-forward streets of big cities will show you that it’s not necessary to spend a fortune to be in fashion. Here are some do’s and don’ts for the frugal fashionista…