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It’s still cool to be a Cougar


Two thirds of women would happily date someone ten years younger than them – so the Cougar is here to stay!

When blokes are ‘too nice’!


Researchers have found that two thirds of women become suspicious if their partner suddenly has ‘new tricks’ in the bedroom, makes grand romantic gestures or if he makes them breakfast in bed.

How to spend Valentine’s Day alone – and enjoy it


Valentine’s Day is the day of love, romance and passion – which is great if you’re a couple. But don’t despair – singletons can have fun too!….

Top Tips for a Magical Valentine’s Day


Is there a special someone in your life? Whether you think of Valentine’s Day as a great excuse to be romantic, or as a way for gift retailers to make money, the need to acknowledge this loving occasion could not be more apparent.

Is emotional abuse a form of domestic violence?


Domestic violence is something we hear about on a regular basis, but what about emotional abuse and its victims rights? Are they the same?

Men still unable to operate washing machines and irons, seriously?


Remarkabley, a recent study has shown that a fifth of all British men still have absolutely no idea how to use the washing machine!

Men would chose a new partner over their pet


A new survey looking at the relationships of pet owners has found that men can behave towards pets like they behave towards women, committing emotionally much more quickly than women do, but more likely to trade them in favour of a new model.

10 reasons why sex is better, the older you get!


Like a maturing wine, an older woman looks, smells and simply tastes better

Should men wear make-up?


Women use it to make themselves look and feel better, why shouldn’t men?

Spontaneous flowers spark suspicions


Did you know that three quarters of women admit that they are suspicious when their man turns up out-of-the-blue clutching a big bouquet?