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If you havent heard about this fabulous concept in snacking – then where have you been? You can get a delivery of 4 beautifully packaged snack boxes as often as you like for just £3.79, which considering the choices and the quality, is excellent value for money. When you go onto the Graze website, you [...]

Cleanmarine Krill Oil


Being of a certain age, the Real Women Today office staff are big fans of anything that can help us make time stand still and are ethically produced, so we were delighted to be able to test the new Cleanmarine Krill Oil. The contents of the softgel tablets claim to provide support for the heart, [...]

The importance of a healthy thyroid


Health Consultant and author Camilla Ellis DC talks about the importance of a healthy thyroid, what can affect it, and how to tell if you have a thyroid issue.

Which nutritional supplement?


Get confused when it comes to choosing health supplements? Simon Brandy, nutritional expert from Health Plus gives us some advice on which nutritional supplements can help with common health issues…

Superfoods can be easy


All foods, even battered Mars bars, have some nutritional value but there are at least ten everyday foods that can be classed as super foods and which can be easily incorporated into everyday meals, snacks or drinks. Find out what they are.

How hormones affect your metabolism


Whenever you want to loose weight you probably first think about diet and exercise. Ever think about your hormonal system? Read our Real Women health advice…

Stop changing your recipe without telling us


How many of you get annoyed when manufacturers of beauty products change the ingredients and don’t bother to tell anyone?

Kerry Katona Skating to Success!


Kerry Katona is famous for her struggles with bipolar disorder and fluctuating weight, but is this surprising considering her history?

Too tired for sex?


Did you know that seven out of ten British people are regularly too tired for sex?

Ageing and fear of being judged forcing smokers to quit?


Did you know that on average it takes seven attempts, five years, a health scare and realising you have more wrinkles than your friends before someone gives up smoking?