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Can the birth of a child affect certain friendships?


Real Women Today ask if giving birth to a child has had a detrimental effect on any of your close friendships.

Have people changed?


Or am I beginning to wake up to the real world?

Nifty fifties are happier than twenty-somethings – would you agree?


These days the average 50 year old is living the life of someone half their age. The typical ‘nifty fifty’ is more sociable, happy and active than someone in their mid to late 20’s and are more likely to enjoy nights out, meeting up with friends and travel further to enjoy weekends away. Experts have [...]

Confidante Coworkers


Do you believe that millions of workers are more likely to confide in their work mates than their other half? Is that the case for you?

Mums Say Family Photos Are Their Most Prized Possessions


Real Women Today want to know if you agree. Would you save your family photos from a burning fire before you even considered grabbing your mobile phone or handbag?

New year celebrations…


How will you be celebrating this year?

Are we all bitches?


Or is it something that just comes naturally?
Read this anecdote and maybe, just maybe you might recognise yourself or someone close.
But take a woman’s advice, bitching is not nice, its not necessary and its certainly not clever…



Unfortunately this happens to the majority of us at some point in out lifes.  Real Women Today want you to share your stories and experiences so that we can offer advice and support to those who find themselves in similar postions. Tell us… ♥ Were you bullied as a child? – If so, what impact did [...]

Mates Forever


  What do your best friends mean to you? Leave us your stories and comments and we’ll make you all famous.