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Female Fascination For Cleaning?


Did you know that more than a third of women have admitted that they secretly like cleaning?

It’s that time of year again…


But is it really too early to start thinking about Christmas?

Men still unable to operate washing machines and irons, seriously?


Remarkabley, a recent study has shown that a fifth of all British men still have absolutely no idea how to use the washing machine!

Does your guy have a jealous nature? Signs his jealousy is dangerous


Jealousy is bad news. If you’re wondering if your boyfriend’s jealousy could turn dangerous read this article on what major signs to look for.

Mother and daughter or sisters?


Having a gorgeous mum can certainly has it’s advantages, and disadvantages…

Barren Britain


An international study has found that women in Britain are among the most likely in the world to end up without children. Are you one of those women?

Marriage – is it over?


With more and more people admitting to adultery, will the institute of marriage be effected going forward? Real Women asks the question…

How often do you bicker?


According to a recent survey, the average couple bickers 2,455-a-year. Is this true in your household?

When do you actually switch off from work?


It is said that the average person working in Britain finally switches off from work at 7.59pm. Is that true in your household?

Table manners in decline


With the amount of family get togethers that must have happened over the last couple of weeks, the Real Women Today team had wondered if you’d noticed that table manners have gone out the window?