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Mirror, mascara, manoeuvre…


Oh No! More than three and half million female drivers could be putting themselves and other road users at risk by using their morning drive to apply make-up and do other routine tasks, a new poll has revealed.

Ladies, shall we lighten up a bit?


Lets be honest, how many ladies do not have their headlights on whist driving on the motorways when it is raining – or, for that matter, on any other roads when it is raining? Shame on you ladies – what happened to the sound old advice – ‘see and be seen’…

Ullo Sue! Gotta new motor?


Do you think the kudos of having a new car has diminished since the bi-yearly registration was introduced?

Traffic jams – how do you amuse yourself?


Did you know that British motorists will spend eight-and-a-half months of their life stuck in traffic jams?

Guilty pleasures…


We all have them, some are worse than others. But what are yours when it comes to driving in your car?

It’s a dogs life!


It’s not just the children that we have to keep safe in cars…

Drive of your life


This month is the Landrover Discovery 4 that has won twenty awards already proving it is the most capable all-round vehicle.

Drive of your life…


This month is the stylishly revamped Alfa Romeo Guilietta.

Drive of your life


This month it’s the all-new Suzuki Swift

Over confident male drivers? Surely not!


Hot of the press is fueling news that many road crashes involving male drivers reflect ‘misplaced’ confidence among men over their ability behind the wheel, according to new analysis for the AA’s Drive Confident scheme.