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Tackling Domestic Violence


Dealing with domestic violence can be vexing despite more understanding of this problem. It remains challenging to tackle it all the more as our knowledge is still growing in this area.

Domestic violence victims could lose eligibility to legal aid


New research conducted by Rights of Women and Welsh Women’s Aid has shown that at least 46% of domestic violence victims will not be eligible for legal aid because of the dangerously restrictive forms of evidence that they will be required to produce.

Is emotional abuse a form of domestic violence?


Domestic violence is something we hear about on a regular basis, but what about emotional abuse and its victims rights? Are they the same?

Does your guy have a jealous nature? Signs his jealousy is dangerous


Jealousy is bad news. If you’re wondering if your boyfriend’s jealousy could turn dangerous read this article on what major signs to look for.

Dog foster carers still needed to help families flee Domestic Violence


Domestic violence (DV) affects one in four women at some time in their life and research shows there are definite links between the abuse of adults, children and animals.

Often a pet is the only source of affection for a victim of DV, yet refuges and temporary accommodation facilities frequently cannot allow pets.

Read on to see how you could help…

Domestic Violence


Are you a victim of domestic violence?

Do you feel like you are you suffering alone?

The first thing to remember is that you are NOT alone.