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Ten office snacks that won’t break the diet


We’re all guilty of it. We plan our healthy eating regime down to the last detail. We organise a breakfast that will leave us full till midday, a lunch that will give us the energy to get though the afternoon and a well balanced dinner to round off the day.

Superfoods can be easy


All foods, even battered Mars bars, have some nutritional value but there are at least ten everyday foods that can be classed as super foods and which can be easily incorporated into everyday meals, snacks or drinks. Find out what they are.

Diet Revelation


10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight and what that means to you.

Which diet would you choose?


For all the women out there that may be contemplating loosing weight this year, Real Women Today want to know how you plan to achieve it…

Everyone can be healthy…


With the New Year fast approaching, Health Psychologist James Lamper shares his top 10 tips on how to make 2011 your healthiest year yet.

Workplace stress prompts comfort eating


Excess stress at work causes one in three people to comfort eat.

A recent poll revealed that 80 per cent of adults confess to regularly indulging in comforting foods to make themselves feel better – what food makes you happy?

Emotional Eating


Emotional eating is something that a majority of women do at some point in their lives. Sometimes without even realising it!
Dr Lisa Turner provides some useful advice and tips on how to recognise, and control that urge…

Are overweight people lazy?


I was once told by a very old school boss of mine that people who were fat were lazy and had no ambition!  That was 22 years ago, it has stuck with me ever since and I still think the silly old sod was totally wrong! However, I do know that I have made an extra [...]

Make life with IBS simpler


Did you know that twice as many women suffer with Irritable Bowel syndrome than men? No one knows exactly what causes the symptoms but the most common age to get IBS is between 30 and 50. Great, something else for us ladies to look forward to!

Chatting to our Real Women Today friends and family, there does appear to be some simple health advice tips to ease the symptoms so we would like to share them with you.

Simple changes to your diet


Eating healthily doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Take a look at these ideas, they might just give you some inspiration.