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Making time for yourself with a new child


Tips for how make time for yourself and to keep your stress level down when you have a new child.

Back to school – are you ready?


It’s really hard to get back into the routine of ‘children at school’ after the long summer break. Make the transition as easy as possible by preparing early…

Would you swap four wheels for two?


With fuel cost spiralling out of control, do you think twice before jumping in the car?

Barren Britain


An international study has found that women in Britain are among the most likely in the world to end up without children. Are you one of those women?

The school run


The dreaded school run – every parents nightmare. Squabbling kids, running late, stuck in traffic. Real Women Today gets advice from Motoring Correspondent Jackie Violet on how to arrive safely…

Table manners in decline


With the amount of family get togethers that must have happened over the last couple of weeks, the Real Women Today team had wondered if you’d noticed that table manners have gone out the window?

Are two girls easier to raise?


If you’re planning on starting a family you might want to read this first!

Shh silence please, Mummy is driving


Children play up in the car because they are bored. What can you do to prevent this and to ensure you arrive at your destination in one piece?
Jackie Violet shares her solutions…

Mums Say Family Photos Are Their Most Prized Possessions


Real Women Today want to know if you agree. Would you save your family photos from a burning fire before you even considered grabbing your mobile phone or handbag?

Pink Parenting


Government figures show that across the UK, adoptions by same sex couples have recently risen by a third, from 90 to 120.