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Coping with loss when you’re getting divorced


Grief isn’t an emotion that people talk about when they go through a divorce, but it can affect you.

Female Fascination For Cleaning?


Did you know that more than a third of women have admitted that they secretly like cleaning?

Are you a self employed successful mother?


Research reports almost half of mothers returning to work part-time after having children are forced to take lower-skilled jobs. With this year’s Budget to include tax breaks of up to £900 a year for parents who set up their own business, perhaps now is the time for new mothers to make that change?

At what age do you start to feel invisible?


Apparently, women feel past it at the age of 46!

John Freida Frizz Ease


After having being a fan of this product for many years, I’ve rediscovered it’s usefulness again with a shorter curlier haircut. I’ve also been wary of using too many hair products as my hair tends to go very greasy very quickly when I use too many, but John Frieda Frizz Ease tames my fluffy curls [...]

Men still unable to operate washing machines and irons, seriously?


Remarkabley, a recent study has shown that a fifth of all British men still have absolutely no idea how to use the washing machine!

Face flirting


I love face flirting! I am not sure if this is the correct technical term for it, it may have been christened by another title elsewhere, but this is the title that I have christening it and I’m sticking with it!…

How much do you spend on make-up?


Some were shocked by the figure, some expected it to be higher – what will you think?

Men would chose a new partner over their pet


A new survey looking at the relationships of pet owners has found that men can behave towards pets like they behave towards women, committing emotionally much more quickly than women do, but more likely to trade them in favour of a new model.

When will the police be held accountable?


Yet another example of horrific animal cruelty has hit the headlines this week – and not for the first time it’s a police dog handler who for whatever reason or excuse, left his animals in a car in hot weather resulting in a slow, painful death.