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Stuck in a style rut?

Research has revealed that the average woman has had their current hairstyle for a staggering six years and 153 days, while nearly half have had the same hair style since they were a teenager.

The study of 2,000 women found over a third fear they won’t be able to pull off an image change, with many worried about how their partner might respond or whether other women would judge them.

More than half of the study, which was commissioned by Remington, wished they had the confidence to try a new hairstyle but were held back by fears of how others might react.

Remington’s Marketing Director, Nikki McReynolds, said: “The results show that many women suffer from a very real lack of confidence when it comes to changing the way they look.

“There’s nothing wrong with having a consistent image that you’re comfortable with, but the findings show that the majority of women would like to be a bit braver and refresh their image now and again.

“It seems the biggest barrier is worrying about how other people will react or whether the new look will suit.

”If bored or unhappy with their current style, women can build their self-confidence gradually by experimenting with small changes, rather than drastically altering their image.”

Remington’s Marketing Director, Nikki McReynolds, continued: “Confidence comes from feeling good about yourself and the way you look -but a person should only change their image because they want to, not because they feel they have to.”

Princess Anne topped the list as the celebrity most in need of a new hair style, while women would love to see The Queen with a new style, and Kate Moss is definitely in need of a re-think, rounding off the top three.

Are you stuck in a hairstyle rut as you get older?  Have you made many hairstyle mistakes?  The Real Women Today team has had their fair share over the years but would love to hear yours.



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