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Stop changing your recipe without telling us

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How many of you get annoyed when manufacturers of beauty products change the ingredients and don’t bother to tell anyone?

One of the Real Women Today team is allergic to coconut oil and her skin reaction to the ingredient is dramatic to say the least and could be dangerous in extreme circumstances.  She often has to check and recheck beauty products that she uses and on many occasions has discovered that the company has changed the contents and so she can no longer use it.  Thank goodness that she is vigilant enough to check every new bottle or tub.

But what about those people who don’t and have adverse reactions?  Surely the manufacturers have a responsibilty to us consumers to notify us of any changes they make?  And they are liable for any damage done to our bodies from un-notified changes?

Have you had any nasty experiences?  What did you do about it and how did the manufacturer treat your situation?


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