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By Rosamund Lupton

My sister-in-law gave me this book for my birthday, and initially I was slightly sceptical – it reminded me of the deluge of books on the market at the moment.  However, get over it I thought, at least give it a chance.  Helen enjoyed it, so that is a definite plus.

Sister is a début novel and to date has sold over 440,000 (so what do I know and highlights my own preconceptions…).  It was voted the best book in the first Richard and Judy WHSmith Book Club.  It was chosen by Radio 4 for Book at Bedtime and it spent 14 weeks on the Sunday Time bestseller list and is one of the most successful novels published in 2010 – so if you haven’t read Sister, I for one would certainly recommend it.

As you may imagine it is a story about Sisters and their bond – it is difficult to say much more without giving too much of the story away.  Suffice to say the older sister Beatrice is happy, stable, works hard and shares her life with a partner.  She thinks she is close to her sister, but as the story unfolds is actually stunned how little she actually does know of her sister’s life.  She remains constant throughout, whilst others doubt.

The next novel by Rosamund Lupton has just been released – Afterwards.

This is book of the week on BBC Radio 2, with Simon Mayo – it is his book of the week and will be discussed as part of his programme next week.

I will be making this my holiday purchase, can’t wait.  So you may see a review here in due course – we shall see.


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