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Simple changes to your diet

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Eating healthily doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, take a look at these ideas that might just give you some inspiration.

Eat fruit or vegetables for five minutes a day - carrots dunked in low fat soft cheese is one of our favourites.
Switch shelves in your fridge – researchers at the Cornell University in the US have found that you’re 2.7 times more likely to eat food if it’s on the middle shelf than if it’s on the less visible top shelf.  Now you know where to put all your healthy, tasty titbits!
Use sweetener in your drinks – if you cut out 100 sugar calories a day, you could potentially lose up to 10lb in a year!
Eat one salad a day – research doctors at  Louisiana State University say that by eating a daily, raw, vegetable salad you could potentially extend your life span by two years!
Watch out for calories in drinks – fizzy drinks and those luxury coffees made by certain coffee houses are stacked full of calories.  And if you must have fizzy drinks or coffee, go Lite or Skinny.
Meat free meals – try and go meat free for one day a week to reduce saturated fat levels.
Have a dessert - avoid a sweet tooth attack raiding the biscuit tin by allowing yourself  a sweet but healthy pudding.
Chocolate - yes, if you swap milk chocolate for dark chocolate you earn extra antioxidants that will help your heart.
Stop boiling your vegetables – apart from the fact that mushy veggies are revolting (think Brussels Sprouts), boiling the life out of them takes out any life saving nutrients.  STEAM!
Popcorn - you can eat this without going to the cinema and it’s better for you than crisps!
Oily fish – tuna and mackerel are renowned for being good for you – eat more!


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