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Signs he is cheating

Signs he is cheating

Cheaters can be spotted in a variety of ways. So why exactly do cheaters cheat in the first place? Well, people cheat because they:-

a) think they can get away with it;

b) they are unhappy and don’t want to terminate the relationship because they might feel bad or because they are on the border of happy and unhappy-land;

c) because they are highly sexual people that can’t be satisfied by just one person.

Let’s now look at the signs he is cheating

There a plethora of signs to see if your boyfriend is cheating on you. One of the first signs he is cheating is that is continuously becoming more and more distant. This happens because it is impossible for a cheater to fully love just one person and to fully give their attention to just one of their lovers. He usually will start calling/texting you less, hanging out with you less, and might even give you less physical signs of affection (hugs, kisses, sex).

There are many more signs he is cheating on you. But first, you need to learn how to properly handle your cheating or potentially treating boyfriend.

More signs he is cheating


Some signs he is cheating can be less subtle. He might even become happier around you than he way before. This usually happens because he may be feeling like he can get away with having two great things at one time. It is very important that you notice these behaviours.

First, see if he has mood swings. If he seems to be sad with you one day and super happy with you the next, there’s a good chance he is cheating on you. If he is coming home late at night or is waiting until last second to return your call – he is probably out with another girl. There may be a chance he is hanging out with his guy friends. But, if he seems to be distant and comes home flamboyant without a reason, it’s probably because he is cheating on you.

Second, you should test your boyfriend by asking to spend more and more time with him. If he responds negatively to it, he may be hiding something from you. This test will let you know rather quickly if he is cheating on you.

Just always know that the signs he is cheating is not always easy to detect. It is a slow process of distinguishing his changing behaviours and attitudes for you. Don’t always assume he is cheating. Check the facts and try to find out behind the scenes.

What do you do once you know the signs he is cheating?


Now that you know the signs he is cheating on you. It is now important to understand how to deal with the situation in a timely and effective manner.

a) Coping strategy one – Stay calm. I know you want to snap at your boyfriend, but it is best to keep a level headed mind. You don’t want to situation to become worse than it is. Also, you don’t want to permanently end any chance the relationship gets better by snapping at him and yelling at him.

b)    Coping strategy two – Gather the facts. Once you gather up enough signs he is cheating on you, it is time to confront your boyfriend straightforwardly. Ask him about the facts and his change in behaviour. As him why he isn’t as loving toward you anymore. Ask him how you make things better in the relations. Finally, ask him if there is someone else and if he has anything to tell you.

Cheating boyfriends will sometimes prolong his need to tell you the truth. If he does this, you will need to give him the cold shoulder until he finally decides to tell you the truth. Just know that if he’s still with you, he probably still has feelings for you.

c)    Coping Strategy three – Lastly, if he admits he has cheated. The signs he is cheating have been spotted and he admits to his fault. Ask yourself if you want to try to work it out with him, or if you want to end the relationship. It won’t be easy, but something you have to move on to something else to permanently remove that negative burn in the heart. I myself have gotten out of multiple relationships after I have found out my spouse had been unfaithful to me.

Is he worth it or not? If he decides not to stop seeing his new lover, he probably is not worth you time. You are an amazing person and deserve an amazing guy. A guy better be someone you love to the point you forgive him no matter what. If not, it is time to move on. It will be really hard. But stay busy. Emotional pain is the worse during times of inactivity.

I truly hope that since you know how to detect the signs he is cheating, you will be able to either try to work things out calmly or leave him and learn to move on to someone more deserving.

By Rick Zablocki

Rick specializes in online marketing and online writing. If you need any work done, please feel free to contact him

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  1. Chiche says:

    Since i just experienced that and BTW it hurts your heart emotionally and you feel really angry and mad and pissed off! Thats when i found out and told a really good friend of mine at school i felt like throwing up! I just had to break up with him because i just couldn’t trust him anymore! actually i felt like doing revenge at some time because we always pass by each other at school and church. And i just found that out on Monday! anyways if you’ve been truthful to the guy and he isn’t to you then just dump him because if he/she cheats on you then probably what you guys had wasn’t important or meanigful to them. GOD Bless!

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