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Should our celebrities be made to keep their mouths shut?

Does being famous provide automatic freedom of speech that allows celebrities to say what they want when they want?

The lovely Mr Clarkson is well known for doing just this. Remember when he hit the headlines with his throw away comment about the death of the Morecambe cockle pickers in 2004.  His latest declaration joins his recent faux pas on India’s poor living standards mentioned in the Xmas Top Gear special and his suggestion on The One Show that striking public workers should be executed!

What on earth gives our TV celebrities the right to make such out of date comments?  Just because they have a TV presence doesn’t make them an authority on a subject!

Shouldn’t we be using the controversial ‘Gagging Order’ aimed at the press to get these so called ‘celebrities’ to keep their mouths shut?

What do you think?


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