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Shame I can’t afford to run my new motor!

Millions of motorists fear they will be priced off the road this year, according to a poll by AXA car insurance.

Four in ten motorists say they would use the car less in 2012 if the costs associated with driving continue to rise, and one in 13 have already been forced to stop.

Ah, so that is why second car sales are such good value for money at the moment and probably why him in doors bought me a lovely new motor for Christmas knowing I could not afford to run it! He is now so binned.

Almost half (44%) admit they enjoy driving less than they used to, largely down to the cost (68%). This is striking in comparison to last year’s figures, when cost clearly had less impact on motorists’ habits (just 38% admitted they enjoyed driving less than they used to, and 38% blamed the cost).

Of course, in the last year motorists have seen fuel prices soar from 127.7 pence a litre of unleaded in January to a record high of 137.43 per litre in May, with warnings of a possible 145p next summer. Indeed, if petrol prices rise to £1.50-£1.60, one in eight say they will have to seriously consider driving less or even stop driving, while a further one in eight will be stopped by any increase to £2.01-£2.20.

Moreover, it is not just fuel drivers are worried about: 16% said they will have to consider driving less or even stop driving if insurance premiums go up.

Get this, however; some drivers are so concerned about the costs of driving that they would consider breaking the law!  Almost one in ten said they would drive a car with no insurance, 6% would drive without taxing their car and 3% said they would be happy to drive away from a petrol station without paying for fuel. Oh that is really so sad yet so inevitable if you think about it.

Some drivers are more business like and would think of charging their friends and family for lifts!

Well I can’t say I blame them for it is a jolly good idea really. Far better than driving illegally without tax or insurance.

Come on Mr Transport Secretary. Give us motorists a break. Reduce the outlandish tax on fuel that lines your pockets leaving ours empty.

In the meantime –

Top Tips To Keep Motoring Costs Down

  1. Buy a cheaper more economical car.
  2. Before signing on the dotted line, find out how much the insurance premiums are, how much the road tax is and how much the combined fuel economy is. So do your maths first and if this is over your monthly budget, put the Ferrari back and choose a Fiat.
  3. Never fill the car up. Firstly you cannot afford to, and secondly it puts more weight on the car thus uses more fuel that effectively is money down the drain or rather in the Treasurer’s pocket.
  4. Decide if your journey is really necessary. Can you walk; take the bus even the train or tube?
  5. Invest in a bicycle – just in case. You will be fitter more energetic and money saved from running a car could pay for a lovley well deserved Spa break.

Ah Just imagine the massages, the spa pools, the smell of expensive oils wafting from the treatment rooms and relaxing in peace with that book you bought five years ago and never go around to reading.  That should take the sting out of dumping the motor.

Jackie Violet
Motoring Correspondent


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