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Selling your home

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In order to avoid months of relentless visits and disappointments, here are a few tips that will soon have your home in tip-top condition:-

De-personalise your space
When it comes to the inside of your property, you can’t be sentimental about the things you surround yourself with.  They may have great meaning to you, but they will mean absolutely nothing to a potential buyer, so pack away all those family photographs and family heirlooms as they will only serve to distract the buyer.  Same rules apply to any trophies or any unusual personal collections you may have i.e. pig ornaments.

We all collect an amazing amount of objects over the years.   We don’t necessarily use them or ‘see’ them any longer; we just leave them where they were dumped, gathering dust. Now is the perfect time to clear them out. Car boot them, give them to a charity shop or wrap them up and put them somewhere safe.  Be harsh – no keeping things ‘just-in-case’ – if you haven’t used it in the last six months then it’s unlikely you will. Do the same with children toys, old clothes, overflowing book shelves and stacks of old bills.

Check your house for those little niggling jobs that you’ve been ignoring for months.  The less imperfections a viewer sees the better.  So now is the perfect time to replace those broken tiles and damaged worktops; repair those leaking taps and creaking floorboards, to check all internal doors open and close properly and to examine skirting boards, light switches and plug sockets for splashes of paint.

Everywhere! Sweep all walls and corners with a feather duster. Clear out all cupboards, wardrobes and bathroom cabinets – anything that can be opened by a ‘nosey’ viewer as dirty, untidy, cramped storage gives the impression there is not enough space.  The same applies for your white goods – clean the inside of the fridge, freezer, cooker, washing machine and dryer. Clean the windows inside and out, clean the curtains/blinds. Ensure internal and external doors are cleaned and dust free.  If you have pets, wash their bedding to help keep pet smells at bay and try to keep pet hair to a minimum.

Room staging
You need to ensure every room has a purpose and that purpose is clear.  You don’t want a viewer scratching their head wondering what the room is used for.

Living Room
This is where the new owners want to picture themselves relaxing so it’s important to make the right impression. The illusion of space is key so don’t have a cramped room on display – remove any unnecessary pieces of furniture so the room look spacious.  If you have a fantastic view, don’t cover it up with heavy net curtains and lots of knick-knacks on the window sill – keep it simple. If you’ve got patio doors, don’t have a settee blocking their access.  Play around with the placement of furniture until you are happy with the welcome it gives.  Floor needs to be clean and tidy so if necessary get your carpets professionally cleaned.  Cover any worn settees with throws. Invest in some new cushions and lampshades if things are looking slightly worn and if necessary brighten up with a coat of paint and some matching accessories. Remember hide any kids or pet toys from view.

Dining Room
Same rules apply here as for the living room. You can either set the table or have a nice centre piece on show.  Make sure that chairs are tucked under and that there is enough space to move around comfortably.

Clear as much from the worktops as possible.  Have minimum items on display. Make sure towels are fresh and clean. If the kitchen is looking dated, replace existing handles with new ones.  Keep any kids artwork to a minimum, likewise if you have cookery books on display. Have fruit displayed in a bowl but make sure it’s fresh.

Must feel welcoming so neat and tidy is a must.  No clothes on display, carpets nice, fluffy and spotless. Bedding should be clean, ironed and matching.  Invest in some new bedding and cushions if necessary and add a vase of fresh flowers. Make sure all clothes are hanging neatly in the wardrobes and shoes are kept tidy.

Hide away as many of your personal grooming items as possible.  Put kids’ toys away. Invest in some expensive looking soaps and hand creams to put on display.  Clean, matching towels are a must.

Complete these following tips before you call the Estate Agent to ask for a valuation – it could make a difference to your asking price.

Day of viewing
Before viewers arrive, if you have pets remove all traces (including pet hair) and get your partner to take them for a walk.  Freshen up each room with room sprays and fresh flowers. Open windows for a blast of fresh air and make sure none of the appliances are in use – no washing machine or dryer – and definitely no fried breakfast or bacon butties!

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