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Retirees forego relaxation to provide homecare

Retirees provide homecare for ageing parents and grandchildren

An ageing population means that thirty per cent of UK adults are now part of four generation families fueling a rapidly growing ‘sandwich generation’ – the name given to them because they are caught between younger and older family members and are struggling to spread their time effectively.

Nearly two in three Brits that have already retired said they feel they are too busy caring for other people with thirty five per cent admitting to feeling overwhelmed by the pressures they are facing.

On average, grandparents with parents still alive are spending two and a half days a week helping out with childcare or helping their elderly parents do things such as get to hospital appointments, pay bills and do the shopping.

It would seem that instead of enjoying the so-called ‘best years of your life’, people approaching retirement are under more pressure than ever and an increasing number of people in their 50’s and 60’s are seeking help for their elderly parents because the pressure is simply becoming too much.

The demands placed on the ‘sandwich generation’ have led to one in five suffering ill health and eighteen per cent admitting that all the time spent acting as a carer for the rest of the family was effecting their relationship with their partner.

Are you a carer for either your parents or your grandchildren?  How do you cope?


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