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Raimat Abadia Cabernet Sauvignon – Tempranillo

I must confess to having been more than a little sceptic when asked to test a Spanish red wine -  I’m very well known for my love of red wine but it does tend to be quite limited toward Australian or New Zealand varieties with a select few South African and Californian. I was however VERY impressed with this one. The wine was unexpectedly robust and full-bodied for this area of the world and was full of ripe fruity flavours (quite noticeably blackberry) with more than a hint of ‘mucky’ spices. This had a lovely rich bouquet and the same depth of taste I’d normally expect to find in New World Merlot blends. Would definitely be a great accompaniment to any meal – or as a relaxing evening drink on its own.

My favourite Aussie tipple will now set me back £9.99 a bottle though it is available fairly regularly at half price, which is when tend to buy it – by the case. This is priced at £7.49 RRP which would definitely be the upper end of what I’d choose to pay for a bottle of wine but a very average price for a decent bottle by today’s standards. Would I drink it in preference to my current Aussie favourites? Probably not. If I was a straight choice between this and other unknown wines from my favourite wine regions of the world then I would choose this one. Definitely one for people who love to savour the taste of their wine.

Very smooth and drinkable… that’s exactly what I did with it!


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